Thursday, February 14, 2008

The James M. Wood Walk

First, a little history. After Pam and I moved to the Packard Lofts, we found out that Mike at Franklin Avenue wanted to celebrate his 10th anniversary of living in the Los Angeles area with The Great Wilshire Walk -- walk the full length of Wilshire Blvd from Grand Ave. to the shores of the Pacific. Due to a previous commitment, I was not able to participate in the entire walk. Still we were able to join folks for breakfast and walk as far as Valencia St. before heading back home. Pam has photos from the day here. If you want, you can read Mikes' post-walk post here and see a video here.

Anyway, one of the other walk attendees was Shannon of sha in LA; She was inspired to host her own 6th Street Stroll the following February. Neither Pam nor I were able to participate. However, when she announced that this year, she would host The JMWB Walk (JMWB is for James M. Wood Blvd.) from Wilshire and Western to the Hotel Figueroa, I said "Why not?"...

I really enjoyed the walk. Photographically, here are a couple of highlights:

The Oxford Apartment Homes

The Wilshire Mediterranean Apartments

Bathroom at The French Chateau

Susana Machado Bernard House

Frederick Mitchell Mooer's House

The rest of the photos are in this flikr set.

In addition Shannon has posts about the walk here and here.

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