Monday, March 20, 2017

Just Call it The Beer Line

On Sunday, AC Transit debuts its new line 80. The line runs between El Cerrito Plaza BART station and the Claremont Hotel in the Berkeley Hills. For me, what makes this line interesting is the number of breweries and tap rooms this line services.
  1. elevation-66 - on San Pablo between Central and Fairmount, it's less than one block from the Central/San Pablo stop (southbound stop 52544, northbound stop 52066 .)
  2. Gilman Brewing Company - on Gilman between 7th and 8th, it's less than one block from the 8th/Gilman stop (southbound stop 51613, northbound stop 51791) or Gilman/7th stop (northbound stop 50404, no southbound stop)
  3. Fieldwork Brewing Co - at 6th St and Harrison, it's just over one block north from the 6th/Gilman stop (southbound stop 59688, no northbound stop) or two blocks (one block west and one block north) from the Gilman/7th stop (northbound stop 50404, no southbound stop)
  4. Trumer Brauerei - at 4th and Camelia, it's three blocks (one block north, two blocks west) from the 6th/Page stop (southbound stop 52310, northbound stop 56465). Until Trumer's rumored tasting room opens, you'll need to RSVP for a tour (offered weekdays at 3:15.)
  5. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room - on 4th between Addison and University, it's just over one block south from the 4th/University stop (southbound stop 52626, northbound stop 55146.)
  6. The Rare Barrel - on Parker between 8th and 9th St., it's one and a half blocks East from the 7th/Parker stop (southbound stop 55807, northbound stop 55738.)
  7. Novel Brewing - on San Pablo Ave between 66th and 65th St, it's four and a half blocks South from the Ashby/San Pablo stop (southbound stop 52300, northbound stop 52599.)
  8. Moxy Beer Garden - at Sacramento and 66th St, it's about three blocks south from the Ashby/Sacramento stop (southbound stop 52662, northbound stop 55919.)
  9. Hoi Polloi Brewing - on Alcatraz between Adeline and Ellis, it's five blocks south and less than one block west of the Ashby/Martin Luther King, Jr. Way stop (southbound stop 51171, northbound stop 55765.)
What's really nice about the line is that service runs until midnight seven days a week. So, if you're a beer drinker, this would be an interesting "crawl." Conveniently for me, I live within two blocks of a stop on line 80. I know I'll be taking advantage of this new line.

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